Stinging Nettle in Boosting Testosterone and Alleviating Enlarged Prostrates

2018-05-30 11:36:52

The testosterone boosting market is growing bigger and more dangerous by the day. When I am reading about any testosterone boosting products, I do so with a pinch of salt because I know how crap there is out there. Every Tom, Dick and Harry owning a blog want to write about this research-breaking testosterone booster that they found out and which they vouch for since it is so effective. Later on though, the FDA announces that they disapprove the product since it has no testosterone boosting value and if it does, it is too dangerous for human consumption. And so, you are back at square one—waiting to read about another awesome testosterone boosting product. Well, I was in the same situation a few months ago when I read about stinging nettle and how it can improve one’s testosterone levels.

The website promoting the product claimed that stinging nettle boosts your t levels in two ways:

  1. By inhibiting the action of enzyme aromatase that converts free testosterone to estrogen
  2. By binding with the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) a protein that makes testosterone non-bioavailable.

Since I did not want to be fooled again, I dug into studies and research on the benefits of stinging nettle. This is what I found out.

Stinging nettle does frees up testosterone but does not increase it

Aqueous nettle extract contains isolectins that inhibit the enzyme aromatase that converts any free testosterone into estrogen. At the same time, the isolectins also bind with the SHBG that makes free testosterone non-bioavailable. This way, stinging nettle makes it possible for you to have a higher volume of free testosterone. It does not however increase testosterone levels in any way. It only makes the available one active

Because of this, stinging nettle has been incorporated into testosterone boosting products since it improves libido as well as improve erections. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction need male enhancement pills that work fast and luckily nettle extract does this.

Stinging nettle and alleviating pain caused by enlarged prostrate glands

As men grow old, their prostrate glands enlarge. This finally blocks the urethra making urination very difficult and painful. A study done by shows that stinging nettle can alleviate this. In the study where men were given a daily dose of 120mg of stinging nettle, 81% reported that their prostrate shrunk after six months.




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